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Nail Art!

Nails have always been extensions of our personalities and the nail polish that used to adorn them was not only as a form of expression but identification too especially where black nail polish was concerned- you would know someone is a rock star by spotting black nail polish. Before,  a perfect manicure entailed well shaped, clean and polished nails with a particular color to match an outfit or to simply express oneself.
Today, Nails are more than that. They have become accessories in the form of nail art! Not only are they long, nails now sport elaborate and decorative designs a faraway trend from the norm we were used to. A manicure is simply not a manicure anymore when there are so many designs for one use on their nails. The more creative the better.
From floral, velvet to fruits; the name of the game when it comes to nails is Nail Art!

Floral Nail Art.

Zombie Karl Lagerfeld Nail Art.

L-R: Fruity Nails and Hollywood Nails.

L-R: Velvet Nails and Cupcake Nails.
For more Nail Art ideas or just to see how creative people are getting with nail art, check out these fantastic board I follow on pinterest.

Pictures are courtesy of @katyperry, @flashesofstyle, @fashiontubuyaki,@ritaora on twitter.
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