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Versace For H&M.

 I love it when designers from big famous fashion houses team up with high-end but low budget boutiques to avail the normal middle class earner with a bit of their well known glamorous and elegant collections. is there a fashionable man or woman with a low income who wouldn't want to wear an item from their favorite designer?

 Recently, Versace teamed up with H&M to make an exclusive collection for their buyers. Not only is the collection colorful, beautiful and a true reflection of what the house of Versace is known for, it is also affordable! The result of this partnership, on sale at 300 stores worldwide, is an 86-piece collection that includes interpretations of many of the label’s greatest hits, such as the palm-print dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the Grammy Awards in 2000 and the leopard prints that Versace is known for.

All kudos goes to the master mind behind this joint venture Lady Gaga whose little monsters have been asking how they can get some of her outfits without having to break their banks. And Versace wanted to reach out to the new generation of fashion lovers who may not be familiar with her brand.

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