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Accesories: The Bow-Tie

Bow ties aren't for the men anymore, ladies. The bow-tie trend is hitting it big amongst the ladies this season and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It is no longer restricted to formal events for the men and the ladies in this case due to its availability in an assortment of colors.
What is good about the bow-tie is; it can make an outfit go from classy and elegant to cool and casual depending on where the person is going or the look they want to achieve. 

The bow-tie can be worn with a feminine buttoned up shirt and short skirt for a formal event. And for a sexy but casual look, you can wear it as an accessory in a funky color to jazz up your outfit and feel trendy at the same time.

This trend is so fierce that musician Janelle Monae has made it her signature trend along with the tuxedo.

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