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Dear readers, THANK YOU

Thank you all for following my blog and making the time to read my posts! :-)
I have some bad, good, and very good news for you.

bad: The next two months will be very busy for me, I'm still a student and I'm having exams.
So I won't be able to post a lot about our fashion icon.

good: But, because of YOU guys who follow my blog, I will TRY to update you from time to time. It is because of girls like Diana that I like blogging so much! (read her sweet comment here)

very good: After my exams, I have a very long vacation!! Then I won't have any excuses and post a loooooot of things about OP and her gorgeous beau!

For all of you who also have exams: good luck!

PS: Does anyone know where I can watch 'The City'? MTV doesn't allow people from my country to watch the video's anymore!!

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