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Guerlain Idylle ~ A new romantic fragrance by Thierry Wasser

Thierry Wasser the perfumer, has created a very new fragrance for Guerlain, it’s called Idylle. Idylle means love or a dream of it. It generally refers to a poetic genre that in Greek Antiquity sang amours and erotic encounters of a shepherd boy and girl in an archaic setting.

Olfactorily, Idylle is a perfume that unfolds it’s notes slowly, as if it were a nymph stretching by a pond in the forest in spring. Scent starts with wet, dewy rose/floral notes followed by civet-y notes. The crystalline notes in beginning are accompanied by contrast between a pink rose and a green jasmine.

It’s a very crisp peony-rose followed by a thread of raspy indolic jasmine which weaves itself into lighter, pink very top notes. Muguet, pivoine, lilas, and freesia are also combined to heart notes of perfume.

Underneath it all, there is a graceful sweetness with some hints of chypre, patchouli, white musk. Traditional heavier notes such as incense, ambergris, are treated with infinite sensitivity.

This perfume is somewhat hard to translate into words as it’s nuances are so minuscule and dainty. So, just experience it’s romanticism!!

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